Would You Like To Play A Game?

Red RecoilI’m exhausted.  It’s been a very long and hard 3.5 weeks of Kickstarter madness.  The madness ends this week, one way or another.  And if it’s going to end well, we need a big push.  We’ve been yelling at the top of our lungs that Overload is different, that it’s better, that we know how to make a great 6-DOF shooter.  But yelling isn’t enough.  It’s time to put up or shut up.  So here it is.  The Overload Playable Teaser:

Overload Playable Teaser on Steam

http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaser64bit.zip (this is the one most people will want)


This is truly a Pre-Alpha Build.  The game is a year from release, so pretty much everything you see will change and get better in that time.  And there will be a lot more of it.  We finally smashed the big game-crashing pathfinding bug that haunted us for 3 days, but there are still bugs, and the input system doesn’t work well with some joysticks yet (gamepads work great), and the UI and everything else isn’t perfect.  But you can play it.  And if you play the game, we think you’ll see why it needs to be made, why the Kickstarter needs to be funded.

So I’m going to stop talking now.  And you should start downloading and playing.

[PS. If the EXE crashes for you, try the DX9 batch file instead.]

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