Widescreen Absence

[New iPad owners: All my games run perfectly on iPad 4th-gen or iPad mini, this only applies to new iPhone or iPod Touch owners.]

You may have noticed that I yet to update my iOS games with widescreen support.  The above screenshot is just one of the many issues I’ll be dealing with.  The menu options and Radiangames gradients all end before the edge of the screen.

Seems like a “simple fix” would be to make the UI elements adjust outward when the screen ratio is 16:9, but that’s entirely dependent on code knowing where the edge of the screen is, and Ballistic’s code doesn’t.  The details are boring, but either way, adding 16:9 support is not a quick fix for my games.  I’m starting to look into it though.  I don’t have an iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5th-Gen to test on, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

The reason I’ve only just started looking into is that I’ve been very busy on The Big Project (TBP for short).  I have a publisher now for TBP, but the game is still pretty far from completion.  Development is going fine, but the scope of the game is much bigger than anything I’ve done (solo) before, and there are just a lot more things to do, and it all has to be very polished.

And honestly there’s not a lot to talk about for TBP because I’m not going to reveal any details.  I’m terrified someone else will come out with a similarly-themed game, or with a similar mechanic, or both.  I’m spending way more money and time on this game than anything I’ve done before, and it’s a bit stressful.

There are also just so many ways to say it: TBP is also the last hope for Radiangames.  Radiangames has been treading water in various ways over the last couple years, and it’s time to just to just blow it up, whether that is in a good or bad way.  Either this will blow up in my face, and I can finally take a job at a mid-size iOS developer and stop worrying, or it will blow up on the charts, and I can finally stop worrying and make whatever games I want.

So the website, the 16:9 support, and everything else, I’ll try to keep working on those things.  But there’s only one thing that really matters for Radiangames for the next few months: Making The Big Project as awesome as possible.

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