The Wait Is Almost Over

I’ve become more aware of some personality traits recently:

I like to write cheesy lines.  Puns are my friend.  But puns and cheese are harder to speak out loud, especially if you’re reading from a script.

luke_and_chrisI am not good on camera, or at giving presentations, especially when I’m trying to say an exact word or phrase.  Everything is forced.  My mind goes blank, and I make weird faces.

On the other hand, I *can* ramble on, unscripted, about games I’ve worked on.  When edited properly, I don’t cringe quite as much when watching myself.

All Will Be Revealed

When I stopped working on Radiangames’ projects to work on something else, it was for a good reason, and I finally get to share that reason next week.

It will not be a surprising game, to those who know my history.  Unless you think my whole history is 2D mobile games.  It is not a mobile game.  And is definitely not 2D.

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