The Story of Bombcats (Out for Android)

First the big news: Bombcats: Special Edition is out on Android for $2.99. For Google Play people: Get it here. For Amazon Kindle people: Get it here. Nook people: It’s coming soon!

For people interested in why this version of Bombcats is paid with no IAP, read here: F2P: Do or Do Not, There is No Try.

For everyone else, I’m going to explain the introductory story of Bombcats, because most people seem to think the cats in Bombcats are dying (they’re not). Prepare for spoilers!?

No, that’s not right: Prepare for clarification of a confusing story!

The Bombcats and Bombkittens are gathering for a magic show. The wizard shows demonstrates his magic wand by creating some magical glowing sparks.

The Bombkittens are DELIGHTED. One Bombkitten is so delighted his tail-fuse ignites! It’s his first time, an important milestone for a young Bombkitten.

His tail-fuse burns down and KABOOM! He tele-splodes (aka teleport-explodes) away… and appears on a hill far away, then he tele-splodes to a tree, then he tele-splodes to…

…On top of the wizard’s head. The wizard kindly summons a magical bubble cage to help the Bombkitten stop tele-sploding (it can be difficult sometimes).

The other Bombkittens are impressed by the bubble cage and they each want one of their own. The wizard obliges, but his wand is beginning to show signs of a problem.

The wizard tries to summon a larger bubble cage for an adult Bombcat, but the wand cracks. The wand overloads, and EXPLODES! The Bombkittens in their cages and all the Bombcats are sent flying in every direction.

Confusing on Purpose?

Is it better to know exactly what’s happening in the story for a cartoon? I have no idea. Research has shown that children enjoy coming up with their own details for intentionally vague cartoons/etc. So I didn’t worry too much about making sure it was clear what was happening. There was always a logic in my head in terms of what each storyboard was showing, but I think I should have simplified things a bit more. I’m still not sure how I would have done that.

In any case, if you have an Android phone/tablet/etc: Get Bombcats now and have fun!

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