Super Trademark Beatdown, Crossfire Edition

Remember when I mentioned a month ago how hard it is to come up with good names for games, and how trademarks are a big pain in the ass.  Well, today I’m sad to announce that Super Crossfire is the latest victim of the trademark vortex of doom.  (Ballistic is the first, though the details for that are not the same, so it doesn’t have to disappear.  It was also downed by an online FPS.)

When I created the original Crossfire on XBLIG, I knew there was a FPS called Crossfire that was announced by Eidos in 2006 or so, but it’s name was changed to fit in the Conflict: Denied Ops series.  Well apparently there was also an online Free-to-Play FPS called CrossFire, that had launched in the US in 2009, and they applied for a trademark (“CROSS FIRE”) in early 2010.  Now CrossFire 2 is coming soon, and they have to make sure they’re enforcing the trademark.  I can’t say too many bad things about someone who’s enforcing the trademark according to the law, though I do think it’s completely obvious Super Crossfire is not an attempt in any way to infringe on their trademark, and I also don’t think there’s any confusion over the two games (arcade shooter vs. online F2P FPS).

But the game barely makes any money these days, and I’m not spending thousands of dollars to try to fight the issue when I just want to make games.  So I’ll take it down from Desura and GamersGate, and Unity will be changing the name on the places they took the game to (LG, Blackberry, Roku, etc).  The game is also taken down on iTunes already.  I don’t know if it’ll return to PC anytime soon, so if you want it, get it now for a reduced price on Desura ($1.99, or 60% off).  I’ll be taking it offline Friday.

Almost forgot, there’s Crossfire (hardcore!) and Crossfire 2 (easier) on XBLIG for $1.00 each.  Those will going down forever on Friday (not messing with XNA 4.0 over this), so get them if you don’t already have them.

Super Crossfighter?

So the question is: What should I rename it to?  Here are some choices:

  • Super Crossfighter
  • Super X-Fighter
  • Super Warpfighter
  • Super CrossLancer

I’m sticking with the Super Something template for now, but I’m open to ideas.

SideSwype Date

I was hoping to have SideSwype, my next iOS/Android puzzle game out next week, but it’s just barely not ready in time.  Almost everything is done, but it looks like it’ll be April 10th for that to be out.  It’s kinda like Threes, but much more “live in the now” than that (or Slydris).  I’ll put together a trailer after submitting to Apple.

FYI: There are 0 trademarks for the name SideSwype in the US.  I checked.  (For comparison, there are 200+ for Crossfire).

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