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Finally! I’ve been super-excited to talk about this game–and unable to for so long–that it’s hard to believe that day is finally here.  Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville is coming to Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux) in just a couple weeks.  Or March 14th, 2014 to be exact.

If you want to see a trailer, here you go.  I will warn you the game looks way better in motion (1080p and 60 FPS) than the trailer shows, and the build used did not have all the special effects/particles at the time.

The Game

PPG: Defenders of Townsville is a metroidvania with flying superheroes and a heavy dose of action.  There are locked doors, and upgrades that unlock new areas, and exploration (and a map).  There are bi-directional attacks, with melee and ranged combat, and a super-fast dash.  And there are 3 difficulty levels, plus a harder second quest with a whole new world layout and even crazier enemies.

All 3 girls are in the game (though you’ll only play as one at a time), with the real voice actresses lending their talents.  And Mojo Jojo is the bad guy!  And if you don’t like the modern-style graphics, you can play with classic-style visuals (and you can even pixelate the classic visuals if you’re really old-school).  A gamepad is the best way to play and highly recommended, though you can play with the keyboard too.

The CN Connection

Last summer, back when it looked like Radiangames might have to end after Bombcats, I got emails from multiple publishers/companies looking to see if there was anything we could work together on.  One of those companies was Cartoon Network.  They didn’t have anything specific in mind, but just wanted to hear what game ideas I really wanted to work on and maybe we could adapt one of the ideas to fit with one of their shows.

I sent them ideas for a twin-stick roguelike shooter (more like Inferno than Binding of Isaac), a stylish tower defense game, and a metroidvania-shmup with Defender-inspired controls (aka separate buttons to shoot left or right).  It turned out that Cartoon Network would have a Powerpuff Girls special TV episode coming out in January, and the metroidvania+Defender game would be a great fit.  Just had to give it a little dose of Gunstar Heroes-esque mixed melee+shooting action to arrive at the final gameplay combination.

It didn’t hurt that Powerpuff Girls also happened to be my favorite Cartoon Network show, and I have two daughters that love superheroes.  So making an action game starring super-powered girls was something I really wanted to do.  At the same time, I knew it was going to be tough to finish the game in time for the January special.  I’d never actually done a metroidvania and the game would require a lot of animation and art.

So Close

The game was almost done and would have come out in January thanks to some extreme crunching (about as much as Bombcats, which means way too much).  But just when it looked like it was going to be done, Cartoon Network said: “This game is really great.  Let’s take a little more time and make it even better (and add the Classic visuals in the release instead of as an update).”

So here we are over a month later and the game is even better and ready to show the world.  The PPG TV special debuted a little while ago, but the hope is the game’s quality (and license) are powerful enough to overcome the lack of marketing synergy.

It’s my first Steam (and Linux) game too, so I’m super-excited to see how that goes!  Thanks to everyone for your patience, and I hope you’re as excited to play the game as I am to tell everyone about it.  Be sure to check out the official Powerpuff Girls Facebook page.

Just to recap: PC/Mac/Linux via Steam on Friday, March 14th.  Gamepad recommended.

[Official price and Steam page coming soon.]

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