Still Holding My Tongue

The wait is killing me, but I still can’t really say much about the game I just finished (aka The Big Project).  Yesterday I finished the trailer for it, but in the world of iPhone and iPad games, many games are rarely announced until the week they’re scheduled to release.  It’s highly likely TBP will be following that trend.

So the need for patience continues.  Hopefully it won’t be a long wait, but the release date isn’t totally confirmed yet.

Aside from working on the trailer, I’m already working on the first update, and a new simpler game for fun.  The new game is what you’d expect from the guy who made Slydris and Super Crossfire.  In other words, it’s a flashy, focused, mechanics-based puzzle game.  Imagine something like this (but not this):

But there will be time for that later.  The major thing I’ll be starting on–after the first iOS update for TBP–is an Android version of the TBP.  Some of my other games will probably get Android versions too, with Slydris, Inferno+, and Super Crossfire being the most likely ports.  I’m not anticipating there being problems with the technical side of things (Unity covers that pretty well), but until I’ve gotten a game on the Google Play Store it’s a big unknown.

Beyond the stuff mentioned above, I’m really not sure what’s next for Radiangames.  There’s no point in worrying about it until I see if The Big Project is a big success or not.

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