Review Roundup and Android Bombcats News

There have been a lot of reviews of my recent releases, and I haven’t done a good job of keeping track of them all because I’ve been pretty busy. But it’s about time to roundup some of the reviews from my first 3 Android releases (and maybe throw in a few about CRUSH on iPhone/iPad too).


AppSmile – “Slydris is an engaging 4.5-Dimple offering.” (out of 5)

GameWoof – “Suited perfectly for mobile devices, this well-polished Android game gets my recommendation.”

AndroidShock – “Slydris is a cleverly intricate puzzle game with minimalist graphics and engaging game play.”

Android Rundown – “It can be a burst of fun, or a casual adventure; the true joy of this particular game is that it is all in the player’s hands.”


Pocket Gamer – “A clever and fast-paced puzzler that will keep you on your toes, Crush! is an awful lot harder, and more rewarding, than it looks”

Appgefahren (German) – “Crush macht auf jeden Fall Spaß, da man nicht viel überlegen, sondern einfach agieren muss.”

The Rebellious Android – “…another success, being extremely challenging, beautifully polished and fun at the same time.”

AppSmile – “Featuring a clean, minimalistic aesthetic, multiple game modes, fun power-ups, and unforgiving gameplay, CRUSH! is sure to give puzzle lovers fits.”

Android Apps – “If your spirits are easily crushed you may want to steer clear, but if you love a good puzzler you’ll definitely want to download CRUSH.”

Fireball SE

The Rebellious Android – “Is Fireballs SE worth your time? Is it fun? Absolutely.”

Android Rundown – “While it’s hardly an artistic breakthrough, Fireball SE‘s arena survival gameplay is exceptional.”

Finally, Bombcats is coming to Android this Wednesday. There’s something a little different about it compared to the iOS version:

What does Special Edition mean? It doesn’t actually have more levels, or extra cats, or anything like that. But on Android, Bombcats will be a paid ($2.99) game with no In-App Purchases. The game has been rebalanced significantly, and the map layout is a little different. I’ll go into a bit more detail on Wednesday when the game comes out.

The game is a lot more fun on Android, and I wish I had made the game the way the Android version is from the start, but I don’t have a time machine. I considered keeping Bombcats on Android as a F2P game, but ultimately decided I should make the Android version the best it could be rather than keep it the same just to keep from pissing off iPhone/iPad customers even more. And I didn’t want to spend what could be the last few weeks of Radiangames working on figuring out more the technical side of additional IAP systems (Google and Amazon, maybe more).

I don’t know yet if or how Bombcats: SE will be coming to iPhone/iPad. When I know, I’ll let everyone know ASAP.

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