Radiangames’ Biggest iOS/Android Sale Ever

android_sale_2016Those are the lowest possible prices for my games on Google Play without making them free.  If I make the free, they stay that way forever.  Note that in some countries, the price is even a bit lower.sale_ios_2016On iTunes (iPhone/iPad), everything you see is free or $0.99.  Everything released after April of 2015 (JoyJoy, Fluid SE, Super Crossfighter, Inferno 2, and Devastator) is $0.99, while everything else (SideSwype, Slydris, Crush, Fireball SE, Ballistic SE, and Inferno+) is free.  [I don’t know why Gobs of Fun and Fireball LE still show up since they’re not really available anymore.]

This is the biggest sale I’ve ever done in terms of # of games and total discount amount.  Obviously I’m hoping a few people who see the sale will also jump over to the Overload Kickstarter page and back it, but this is also a celebration of finally getting Inferno 2 and SideSwype to have music on iOS.  I spent at least 20 hours this past weekend fixing that issue.  It was not fun, nor interesting to talk about, but it’s done, and that’s the important part.

Here direct links for everything (in reverse chronological order):

iPhone/iPad $0.99

iPhone/iPad FREE

Google Play $0.99

This sale won’t last too long, so if you’ve been putting off getting a game or completing your collection, now is the time.

And in case you missed it, Overload is chugging along on Kickstarter.  The middle part of the Kickstarter is the slowest/most painful, but we’re still making progress and will have some big news next week, along with a new gameplay video soon.  Every backer matters, so please tell your friends/co-workers/etc.

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