Preparing for (Re)Launch

JoyJoy is coming next Thursday (May 15th), and I just wrapped up the trailer showing how it’s turned out for mobile devices.  I’m always a bit disappointed that YouTube doesn’t support 60FPS video, but it’s even more evident with this trailer, because the game looks awesomely smooth at a high framerate.

I’m pretty happy with how the porting process went for JoyJoy, especially given how archaic some of the code was the way I wrote the original, particularly the UI system.  All the really bad code has been purged, and the whole game framework is much cleaner and easier to work with now.  That will make the port for Fluid go that much smoother, and I also managed to add full support for gamepads (MFi on iOS7, bluetooth gamepads on Android and possibly WP8) in addition to virtual controls.

JoyJoy will launch next Thursday for $1.99 on iOS, Google Play, Amazon, and Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 Launches

One more reminder: Many of my other games are already available on Windows Phone 8.  Here are the first 4 available (all have a free trial, and are $1.99 each):


Fireball SE



Bombcats SE, Orblastic SE (aka Ballistic SE), and Slydris are still to come.

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