OUYA Sales Numbers: First 2 Weeks

First, the unique downloads:Inferno+ takes the early lead, and maintains it until it drops off of the Escape Artists feature list.  Early on, both games had essentially the same amount of visibility, and Inferno+ was clearly the leader.

Around 7/25, OUYA put Ballistic SE on their Featured Games list (2nd to last on the list).  So it shot up for a while.  Today it moved up a few slots on that list, and Inferno+ is now on BAWB’s list.  Those numbers for 8/1 represent a small portion of today, so I expect both games will have far more downloads today than yesterday.  As with all digital storefronts, exposure = downloads.  We can also see with Inferno+’s last week what the minimum exposure (searching and genre lists) will get you, download-wise on OUYA.

Now the sales numbers:

Here, we see that Inferno+ generally beats Ballistic SE in sales, except when Ballistic has far more exposure.  The totals for ~2 weeks of data:


Downloads: 1,592

Sales: 157

Conversion: 9.86%

Thumbs Up: 128

Ballistic SE

Downloads: 1,721

Sales: 104

Conversion: 6.04%

Thumbs Up: 114

[NOTE: Don’t compare previous OUYA download stats to these downloads, because these are lower due to them being unique downloads.  They just started making these kind of stats available recently.]

Given the games are $2.99, those conversion rates are actually pretty decent.  As I expected, Inferno+ is doing better than Ballistic SE, just like it does on other platforms (exposure being equal, which is isn’t always).  I’ll probably still port Fireball SE, just because it’ll be fun, and you never know when someone will feature a game (it’s done way better than I imagined on Google Play because it got featured).  Super Crossfire will be coming too, though not until a little later.

Compared to early XBLIG totals or other platforms, these numbers are really not that good.  Luckily I only spent a few days on each port.  It would be nice to have more downloads, of course, and exposure is the key to that.  I’ve started a bit of advertising on OUYAForum.com to see if that will help, and hopefully they will get some continued (and maybe better) exposure on the OUYA lists.  I should probably also do OUYA-specific trailers, but I’m not sure the time investment is worth it.

Updates Coming, Multiplayer Uncertain

I’ll be doing some minor updates to both games soon-ish.  Just to fix some minor problems and add a Buy screen at the end of the demo.  Multiplayer for Inferno+ will be coming eventually, assuming the games eventually reach 1,000 sales (or starts to get close).

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