OUYA: Double Damage!

Inferno+ is now available on Ouya.

And so is Ballistic SE!

As with all Ouya games, they are free to try, so there’s no reason not to give them a go.  They work with all types of controllers (Ouya, 360, PS3), and they are $2.99 each if you want to buy the full versions.

If you have an Ouya, right now there are two ways to find the games:

1) Go to Discover, Press Y (to Search), and type in “Inf” to find Inferno+, or “Balli” to find Ballistic SE.  NOTE: Ouya’s system doesn’t allow “+” in the game title, so the game is named “Inferno” according to the Ouya.

2) Go to Discover, scroll down to the Sandbox, then scroll all the way to the right.  You’ll see both games at or near the end.  Make sure to give them a thumbs up, download them, play them, and maybe even buy them if you like them.  They’ll get out of the Sandbox (and into more of the other lists) sooner if you do at least some of those things.

If you want to talk about the games (or read more about them), OUYAForum.com seems to be the best place for Ouya-based discussions.  I’ve started threads for Inferno+ and Ballistic SE and will be trying to keep on top of them.

More Ouya Games?

I hope to do more Ouya games eventually.  I doubt Slydris, and especially not CRUSH, would make a good console game, but everything else I’ve done plays very well with a controller.  I’m pretty sure Super Crossfire will make it over, and Fireball SE probably will too eventually.

JoyJoy and Fluid would also make great Ouya (and iOS/Android) games, but will take quite a bit more work because I only have XBLIG versions.  It’ll take a least 1.5 weeks to port each to Unity.  With Bombcats, there’s so much UI it’ll take a lot more time than the other (Unity-based) games, and the controls might need to change slightly (give the player a tiny bit of air/rolling control in addition to the jumping).  So those may come eventually, but probably not this year.

New Project

But all the other stuff will soon be secondary, because I’m starting full-time on a new project on Thursday.  I have no idea how much I’ll be able to say about it (probably not much), but it has a definite release date so it won’t drag on like Bombcats did, because it simply can’t.  It mixes a game idea I’ve wanted to do for a long time with a concept/style that fits my games perfectly.

I’ll still be doing minor updates when necessary to my other games, and will try to keep doing new Ouya work during whatever free time I can find.

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