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After less than a week, Inferno 2 is now my best-selling self-published game on iOS.  It’s already outdone Inferno+ in both downloads and revenue, and Inferno+ has been out for over 2 years.  If you count Google Play (and Amazon (and WP8)), Inferno+ still has the edge, and likely will until the Android version launches.

My expectations for Inferno 2 were that it would be my best-selling game eventually on iOS, but never this quickly.  JoyJoy proved there was still a demand for quality twin-stick shooters, and Inferno+ was my previous best-selling game.  But you never know.

The #1 Reason

Last Thursday afternoon, though, is when I was pretty sure Inferno 2 would break Radiangames’ first week record for iOS sales (JoyJoy).  And that simply comes down to the position Apple put it on the New & Noteworthy list in the US.  It was in the 5th slot (out of about 18 each week) on iPhone and 6th on the iPad, which is the best I’ve had for any of my games.

Previously my games have usually been in the 10th to 15th slot this year, which is quite helpful to sales and I’ve been grateful to Apple just being on the list.  I didn’t really know how much difference the slot position mattered until this week.  It seems like more of a positive feedback loop than I expected.  Being in that slot helps push up the sales, which gets you onto the charts, which helps push sales again.  In fact, Inferno 2 got to the #1 spot on the RPG Top Paid chart in the US.

Later today, sales will drop off a cliff because Inferno 2 will no longer be on the New & Noteworthy list.  Then I’ll find out how much the solid review scores and the other charts matter.  I’m guessing not nearly as much as the N&N position.  I also feel fortunate with Inferno 2’s launch timing, because if the game’s release date had slipped to this week, it definitely would have been further down the list.  Last week was a big week (in terms of big games) on iOS, and this week is even bigger.

1.01 Changelist

Version 1.01 will be out on iOS any day now.  Here’s the list of fixes/tweaks:

* Add 3 additional options (total) for ways to use missile mode.
* Level 77 – center puzzle fixed so it’s not trivially easy
* Level 80 – fixed 2 corners missing
* Missile achievement now triggers correctly (and doesn’t trigger the weapon achievement)
* More XP for shielded vortex enemies
* Larger shielded pursuer (enemy) now avoids your aim direction a bit

Can’t say I’m terribly excited for version 1.01 to come out despite the improvements, because it will wipe out all the reviews for 1.0.  Oh well.  At least there will be a reason to re-review it in version 1.1…

New Game+

I wasn’t going to add New Game+ to the mobile versions of Inferno 2.  The game is already quite long, and it’s not a necessary addition.  But to celebrate the great iOS launch, I’ll be adding a New Game+ mode to all the mobile versions.  I don’t want to commit to exact features yet, so when version 1.1 is done I’ll post more details.

Android Ahead

I’ve slowly been making progress on the Android version, which will launch as version 1.1.  The only major bump I’ve hit so far is MOGA controller support.  All other controllers will be supported, but MOGA has a plug-in that doesn’t play nicely with the one I’m using to support everything else.  If you have a MOGA Pro, you’ll be fine (just use Mode B).  I still have high hopes for Google Play Games support though.

I’ll be doing my best to make Inferno 2 support every major Android variant, and it will be coming to Google Play (with Nvidia Shield and Andoird TV support), Amazon (with Fire TV support), and OUYA, probably in that order.  I don’t have any dates, but I’m hoping all 3 (and 1.1 on iOS) will be out in November.

And if you missed it earlier: The enhanced and expanded PC/console/Vita version is coming in 2015.

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