Minor Tweaks, Major Difference

I’ve never been happy about iTunes user ratings resetting on release for a new version.  Until today.  Devastator has 3.5 stars, the lowest of any of my games, due to the extreme difficulty of version 1.0.  I’m hopeful the new version will be at least 4 stars.


You might actually see this wave now!

Here’s the full list of changes in 1.01, which went live late last night:

  • Hardcore mode now continues on the correct wave
  • Player ship moves about 10% faster
  • Added new options for player ship acceleration and floating virtual stick option
  • Fixed achievements not reporting on many devices
  • Fixed main menu showing wrong extra life score
  • Fixed timed leaderboards not working
  • More bonus score per extra life when finishing the game
  • Increased default ship acceleration and stick sensitivity slightly
  • Increased auto-fire aim speed slightly

The first one is the big one, but the other tweaks make it a little more friendly as well.  Elite mode is still quite difficult, but Hardcore is now a matter of time to beat instead of an exercise in frustration.  There are still waves that will frustrate you, but you’ll have an opportunity to keep trying at them.

Hopefully I didn’t mess anything up this time.  I’ll be watching reviews and forums more closely to see if I did.  If it looks good, I’ll start on the Android version soon.

After the Android version comes out, I’ll talk a little about what I’m doing now and how Radiangames is affected by it.