Longer Than Expected…

It’s ironic that The Big Project has taken so long given that one of its main influences is Sonic The Hedgehog, aka the video game character known for being fast.  Sonic The Hedgehog was also the primary influence for a previous game of mine called Blaze.  I worked on that between Crossfire and Inferno back in the XNA days, and I stopped working on Blaze because it was OBVIOUS it was going to take a long time to do it correctly.

I knew The Big Project would take longer than my previous games (though I never made the connection with Blaze until now).  Hence the codename “The Big Project”.  But my estimation abilities for how long tasks would take have been destroyed by this game.  It’s not so much that the individual tasks have taken longer, it’s that there have so many more of them than I expected.  My wife no longer believes anything I say about time estimates because I’ve been so incredibly bad at them.  For the last month the game has seemed like it was less than a week away from being finished.  But even with severe crunching, I only just submitted the first Release Candidate yesterday.  (That means the game will launch in a month or two.)

The game will have a teaser trailer before it launches on iOS, but until then there won’t be a lot to say about it directly.  I will resume regular blog updates though, and will say as much as I can.

Next week I’ll begin working on the first update and the Android version.  I’m not going to try to estimate a release date for the Android version, but it’ll be out after the iOS version (aiming for about a month later, but who knows).

It’s a huge relief to finally be done with the first version of the game.  It’s taken a long (very long) time to get here, but I’m pretty sure it will have been worth the wait.

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