Legend of Gigatron: The Next Radiangames Project

Unlike many past projects, I’m going to be fairly open about what I’m working on for my next project.  Legend of Gigatron is that project.  I’ve only just started actually working on it this week, but the idea has been one swirling around on my games-to-do-list for many, many years.  It is, essentially, what the title implies: a twin-stick Zelda-like shooter.  I don’t know exactly what the art style will be, but that’s the font I’m using, and it’ll have angular semi-abstract graphics that look fantastic in motion.  And in case there’s any confusion, the original NES Legend of Zelda is the what I mean when I say “Zelda-like”.

Unlike Binding of Isaac (another twin-stick shooter with a heavy Zelda influence), the game’s world will be fully hand-crafted, with an overworld, lots of dungeons, and an integrated 2nd quest that starts immediately upon finishing the game.  Speaking of Isaac, I want to create a procedurally-generated twin-stick shooter someday, but hand-crafted levels are very fun to create and have some advantages over procedural generation.  I’ll cover this topic more in a future post.

Legend of Gigatron will likely come to Steam first, but other platforms will get it as well, including iOS, Android, and hopefully consoles too.  It’ll be out this year on PC, probably sooner than later.

The Adventure Ahead

I have to admit announcing this early is terrifying to me.  I work well under pressure for the most part, but this is even more than the usual “if this doesn’t succeed, Radiangames might end” pressure that I normally feel.  Though it’s another twin-stick shooter variant, it’s also the first all-new action game I’ve done since Powerpuff Girls.

Quick Notes

In case you missed it: Inferno 2 released last week for OUYA, and JoyJoy released this week.  Fluid SE will launch next week.

Also, Inferno 2 for Steam is essentially done, aside from getting Steam achievements/etc integrated.  It’s definitely coming to Steam, but it might be a month or two.  Playing on an HD monitor at 60FPS with a gamepad and full effects on is by far the best way to play the game, so it’ll be worth the wait.

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