JoyJoy is OutOut

JoyJoy is now available on all mobile devices!  Get it on iPhone/iPad, Google Play, Amazon, or Windows Phone 8.  If you missed the trailer, watch it on YouTube.

JoyJoy is an intense twin-stick shooter with a smooth pastel art style, 6 weapons, lots of difficulty levels, and a lot more.  It is an adaptation of the XBLIG version I released exactly 4 years ago (May 15, 2010).  I believe JoyJoy is the 2nd-best selling game on XBLIG for Radiangames, though I have no way of checking that for sure (Inferno is the 1st, no idea what #3 is).

JoyJoy 2010 vs. JoyJoy 2014

JoyJoy isn’t the last of my XBLIG ports (Fluid is coming next month), but I did put it off for a long time because the source code was pretty terrible in terms of organization and just plain dumb ways of doing some stuff, particularly UI.  There were a couple days at the start of the port where I wasn’t sure if it was ever going to work.  I took code from the original JoyJoy (gameplay), Fireball SE (camera, basic game structure and UI), SideSwype (sound, achievements, and multi-platform support), and Powerpuff Girls (input), and mashed it all together until it worked.

What has changed in the new version: Visually, the new version doesn’t have the subtle bloom that the original had, and there are no background stars that react to the gameplay (but don’t have any affect on it).  The particles have been toned down slightly, though on the Max setting there may actually be more.  The UI has been completely redone of course.

In terms of gameplay, the biggest change is replacing the Charge mechanic with Ultrafire.  On a gamepad, you can easily use both analog sticks and the bumpers/triggers at the same time.  That’s not possible with virtual controls, so Charge had to be replaced with something else.  Ultrafire is the result.  When you use Ultrafire, you are forced to sit still and fire much faster than usual.  Each weapon has its own firing pattern during Ultrafire.  And you must collect the little stars dropped by enemies to fill your Ultrameter.  Those little stars also give you more points.

There were of course difficulty adjustments, and the auto-aim mechanic from Ballistic SE is in there, and a few other subtle tweaks.  It was a fun port to work on, and I’m glad it’s no longer trapped on XBLIG.

It’s also laid the groundwork for Fluid SE’s port, which has gone even smoother so far.  I expect that to release in the first half of June.  I’ll also update the Radiangames Bandcamp page at that time since Fluid SE will have a couple new songs, and I still have to upload SideSwype’s soundtrack.

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