JoyJoy coming May 15th, 8 games coming to Windows Phone 8 in May

JoyJoy, the happy twin-stick shooter, is coming to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 on May 15th for $1.99.  That date marks the 4-year anniversary (!!!) of my first Radiangames release, which also happened to be JoyJoy (for XBLIG).  Four years is a long time between the original release and a port, but the game holds up nicely and there’s a niche market for quality twin-stick shooters on mobile devices.

You’ll notice I added WP8 to the list of platforms.  That’s because JoyJoy will be one of 8 Radiangames releases for Windows Phone 8 in May.  In addition to JoyJoy, SideSwype, Inferno+, CRUSH, Fireball SE, Bombcats SE, Slydris, and Orblastic SE (aka Ballistic SE, which needed a new name if I released it on new platforms) will be released over 4 weeks in May.  There will be a puzzle game and arcade game released each week.

JoyJoy Changes

If you have no idea what JoyJoy is, you can watch this blurry trailer, though I’ll warn you the mobile version will be a bit different in a few ways.  The gameplay will be quite similar, but the arena will be a bit variable in size, the UI is being completely redone, and most mobile devices still can’t compete with the fillrate that the Xbox 360 provides, so some of the extraneous effects will be different.  The game will support iOS 7 dual stick controllers and some kind of Android controllers, and will have achievements and a revised scoring system.

Windows Phone 8

WP8 development is about as simple as it gets in terms of mobile Unity ports, aside from having to use Windows 8  (I prefer Windows 7, but my laptop has Windows 8 so it’s not a big deal).  There are also still a few properties that should be in Unity instead of having to edit an XML file in the exported project, but it’s nothing major so far, and the WP8 team is very helpful.  I’m very excited for my games to be playable on the phone I use everyday (a Nokia Lumia 521).  I don’t have a strong preference for one mobile operating system over another, but WP8 does an excellent job of running well on modest hardware (something Android struggles with).

In terms of sales, I have no idea what to expect.  Windows Phone 8 has less competition, and the games might get decent store placement, but obviously the user base is smaller.  But if the Lumia 520 series is the min-spec, then my games are in good shape (the 521 is closer in power to the iPod Touch 5G than I originally realized, and you can get one for less than $100).

SideSwype Sales

I combined my SideSwype 10-day sales into my previous sales report and posted that to Gamasutra if you’re interested.  The game did decently well on iOS in the first week due to a minor placement, though still not as well as my best iOS debuts (Inferno+ and Ballistic SE).  It hasn’t done as well on Google Play, but sales there are more steady and long-term it should even out a bit.

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