Is This Thing On? (Part 1)


It’s been a long time since I updated this site (nearly 1.5 years). I’ve been working on Overload with the team at Revival for quite a while now, and it’s been 2+ years since my last mobile game (Devastator) was released. Overload is in Early Access on Steam, where the reviews are quite positive. The game is not really built for Early Access (it’s not a simulation, builder, or online survival shooter), but the feedback has been very helpful in polishing it. We’re in the final phases of content production, and the game will actually be done in the foreseeable future (aka within 6 months).

What’s next for Revival after Overload? Nobody knows. It mostly depends on how Overload sells, and that picture won’t become clear until well after we’re done working on it. Because of that uncertainty, and because of a certain impending iOS upgrade (iOS 11) that will invalidate most of my game catalog on iPhone/iPad, I’ve been thinking more about what’s next for Radiangames. And either way, there will likely be a bit of a gap between finishing work on Overload and doing more theoretical work for Revival.

But before I can actually work on anything “next”, I need to update most of my games so they work on 64-bit iThings (and at the correct resolution for newer devices). And before that, they need to exist at all on the App Store (they’ve been absent since May).

Back On The App Store

So this past week I brought the games back to the App Store, and cut the price of all of them by $1. Now all the games are just $0.99, except Inferno 2 which is $1.99. All the games will be updated with 64-bit versions, except Inferno 2 because it’s already compatible (and Sideswype, which seems to have it already). Devastator, which is already 64-bit, is getting a version 1.02 for gameplay/playability reasons (you always spawn with a shield, making it a lot less punishing). If all goes well, all the games will have 64-bit versions within the next month, possibly sooner.

There’s one exception that won’t be getting a 64-bit update: Ballistic SE. I lost the source code for the 1.1 update, which added ChainBlast mode. Updating it would mean losing ChainBlast mode, so Ballistic will be leaving the AppStore soon. If you bought it recently because you thought it’d be updated to work on iOS 11, just send me an email and I’ll send you a download code for JoyJoy, Devastator, Fluid SE, or Fireball SE once they’re updated (your choice).

The only iOS games not on the store are Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville, Bombcats, and Fireball SE. Fireball SE requires an update before Apple will put it back on the store (working on it), Bombcats has never had a self-published version, though I may update it a bit and do that someday, and PPG: DoT (and other old PPG stuff) was taken down by Cartoon Network because they wanted a more focused brand relaunch in 2016. I could theoretically make a similar game with different art/etc, but if I go that route I might as well spend the time to make it fit the art style that I do more consistently (glowy abstract space) and add more gameplay variety. Someday perhaps.

To help understand what’s happening with the games, here’s a handy list of the iOS versions of the games:

Inferno 2: Available now, with 64-bit support.
Sideswype: Available now, with 64-bit support.
Devastator: Available now, with 64-bit support. Gameplay update coming soon.
Super Crossfighter: Available now. 64-bit update coming soon.
Fluid SE: Available now. 64-bit update coming soon.
JoyJoy: Available now. 64-bit update coming soon.
Crush: Available now. 64-bit update coming soon (iCloud support will be dropped).
Inferno+: Available now. 64-bit update coming soon (iCloud support will be dropped).
Slydris: Available now. 64-bit update coming soon (iCloud support will be dropped).
Fireball SE: Not currently available. 64-bit update coming soon (Replay support will be dropped).
Ballistic SE: Available now. Will be removed from store soon.
Bombcats: Published by Chillingo, gone forever.
Bombcats SE: Published by Chillingo, gone forever. Maybe will come back in the future in a new form.
Super Crossfire (+ HD): Published by Chillingo, gone forever. See Super Crossfighter.
PPG: Defenders of Townsville: Published by Cartoon Network, gone forever.

The Future

Getting back to the future of Radiangames, I think it’s best to look to the past (and present). When I tweeted about putting the games going back on the App Store, there was quite a positive response even though I haven’t mentioned iOS games anywhere since Overload’s Kickstarter campaign. Since getting publicity is so difficult on any platform, the fact that I have some sort of fanbase on mobile means it makes the most sense to return to it once I’m back to Radiangames full-time.

There are multiple games that I could do, particularly on the adventure-shooter side of things (a PPG-like game, Legend of Gigaton, or using Devastator art/basics/etc in a more Inferno/Metroid/Zelda-like adventure). But when I look at which of my previous games people are *actually* playing, the statistics are very informative.

And yet I’ve rambled on too long, so I’ll talk more about those stats next time, and what that means for the types of games Radiangames will make on mobile in the next year. I’ll also discuss why adventure-shooters are the *other* type of game I’m considering making.

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