iPad Road Kill

A word of advice from someone with experience: Don’t leave your iPad on top of your car and then drive somewhere.  I’ve done *that* with pizza and drinks before, but never have the results been so disheartening.  It wasn’t the fall that killed it, but getting run over multiple times.  I’ve always been impressed by how well Apple products stand up to drops and other outside forces, but thousands of pounds of pressure on the edges was just too much.

The funny thing is, it sorta still works.  The touchscreen doesn’t, and most of the buttons don’t, but the LCD itself is barely warped, has no cracks, and works fine, and the power is still on (for now).  I can do a FindMyiPhone alert and it plays a sound and the screen comes on as if nothing happened.  Luckily it stops playing the sound when you press one of the volume buttons.

It’d be nice if I could convert it into a portable second monitor.  I actually bought iDisplay (app to use the iPad as a remote monitor) a little while back and that worked well, but now I have no way to start it.  If you have any ideas, let me know.

The Big Project won’t really be affected, as I still have an iPad1 and iPod 5G to test on.  And my daughter made me an iPad to replace the busted one:

(That’s Dragonvale, her favorite game)

Next time I write, hopefully it’ll be to reveal a bit more about the Big Project.  Really looking forward to talking about games again…

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