Inferno+ out on Android

Inferno+ is now available on Google Play for $1.99.  If you need a visual reminder, here’s the Android Trailer, or you can watch the longer iOS Trailer.

You may have noticed the price is different than the iOS version, which has mostly been $2.99 for the past year.  Based on the data I’ve been getting for a while (including on Android), $1.99 seems like a better overall mobile price point.  So all my major games will be $1.99 on iOS/Android from now on, including Inferno+ on iOS (the price should be $1.99 now or very soon).  CRUSH is the exception for now at $0.99, but eventually I may put the price up to $1.99.

I’m also just curious to see how the games all do in a fair battle.  Slydris has surpassed Ballistic SE in overall mobile revenue, and has been beating Inferno+ on a daily basis for a while.  In addition, Bombcats SE on Android hasn’t done as well as I thought it would at $2.99, so it has dropped to $1.99 even though I think that price is too low.

Next Week: Ouya

So I’m done with the weekly releases for Android.  Except there’s the Ouya.  Ballistic SE just passed the review process yesterday, and I expect to submit Inferno+ today or tomorrow.  I’m going to try releasing them on the same day to boost the potential for press coverage.  I’m a bit worn out trying to get press for the weekly Android releases, so I need a little extra excitement too.

There will be more Ouya releases if they sell well, and I will add multiplayer to Inferno+ if it sells enough copies (a thousand, to be precise).  Both games will be free to try (like all Ouya games), and $2.99 to buy the full versions.

Beyond Ouya

Aside from some minor Bombcats iOS updates, I don’t have any other definite plans past the Ouya releases.  There are a couple good possibilities that I hope will work out, but I don’t know anything for sure yet.  Here’s hoping for the best!

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