Inferno 2 PC free to all Overload Kickstarter backers

It has been a busy first week of Overload’s Kickstarter.  We are nearly at $100,000 in funding after 8 days, and we’re already on our 5th update of the campaign.  The big news for today’s update was pretty straightforward: Inferno 2 (PC) will be free to all Kickstarter backers.  It’s not a huge bonus, not like the free multiplayer expansion we announced on Monday, but I hope some people will be happy about it.

I’ll save talking about the whole Kickstarter campaign for another day.  Needless to say that Kickstarters are very stressful, even when most of the feedback is positive.  During the campaign, I’ve been intentionally not shaving.  In case you missed all the #mOverload tweets on Twitter (or Facebook updates), here’s a summary:

first8daysThat’s all in good (and scratchy) fun.  But if you’re more interested in seeing me actually working on Overload, take a look at me fixing some level editor bugs, or working on new prototype weapons.  We’ll be doing more development videos in the future, so be sure to subscribe to Revival Productions YouTube page if you like what you see.

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