Inferno 2 Out On Google Play

It’s out, finally!  Inferno 2 is now available on the Google Play Store.

Android users had to wait a long time for this one, but they get version 1.1 before anyone else.  Version 1.1 includes New Game+ mode.  How hard is New Game+ mode?  I didn’t even try to play through it on Volcanic with touch controls.  Ok I tried, but I died a few times and had to take my time to not die, and went back to playing on my Nvidia Shield.  If you have a Shield or an Android device and a compatible gamepad, this game is definitely for you.  It’s still great with just the touchscreen controls, so don’t worry if you don’t have one.

New Game+ Details

It’ll be a while before the following makes sense to new Inferno 2 players (takes 5+ hours to unlock), but here’s what is different in New Game+ mode:

The most obvious difference right away is that you start with everything unlocked, and the first screen you see is the ship upgrade screen.  You’ll see upgrade points semi-randomly distributed among the weapons, missiles, and powers.  If you don’t like the configuration, just push the Shuffle button until you do.  You’ll also have a few upgrade points left over to customize the ship a bit right away.  Leveling up your ship works almost exactly the same as New Game, though the first level up is at 200XP instead of 100XP.

There are also two other changes to upgrades: You can upgrade a weapon to it’s “+” version for 7 upgrade points after everything else is maxxed out for that weapon.  The “+” version adds a bit more damage on top of everything else.  The second change is that enhancements can be upgraded a 3rd time (so you can have 5 drones total, for instance).

All the NG+ levels have more enemies in them, with the earliest levels in particular having significantly more.  You’ll also get 2 special level variants for every 5 levels you play (except the first 5 levels only has 1 special level).  The 2 level variants are: Challenge and Modifiers.

In the Challenge variant, you can only use a specific weapon, missile, and power for the entire level.  You’ll have two choices of weapon/missile/power, with each choice awarding you extra XP and gold based on the upgrade level of the combos.  You can upgrade whatever you want after the level starts to make things easier, though upgrades are permanent (unless you die the same level).  Usually it’s not the weapon limitation that makes things especially difficult, but the limited missile ammo.

In the Modifiers variant, you have a choice of two different combinations of rule changes to the game.  These changes include your weapons doing more damage, enemies moving faster, enemies spawning around you constantly, or losing 10XP every time a drone dies.  There are about 30 individual rule changes combined in 20 different ways.  I think they add some cool interest and variety to a (very long) game.  Hopefully most players agree.

iOS Version Submitting Tonight

Unfortunately, the iOS version of 1.1 (with New Game+) won’t be submitting until tonight.  Testing and fixing bugs for the Android version has again proven that Inferno 2 is too big for its own good, so I haven’t been able to look at the iOS version.  I’ll get it updated and submitted tonight, which hopefully means it’ll be out next week.  It’s entirely possible Apple will not review it until after the New Year, however, due to the high volume of iOS updates around this time of year.  I’m really sorry about that if it happens!

Possible Android Issues

It’s entirely possible there are issues with Google Play Game Services in the version now available.  I’ve tried my best to test it, and it works 100% in debug mode, but given past issues, and my continued inability to buy my own game, I can’t fully test GPGS like I want.  On the plus side, even if there are issues, the achievements will still trigger later, and I can update the version on the Google Play Store in a matter of hours.  Please email me if you have any issues, GPGS-related or not, and I’ll do my best to take care of them ASAP.

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