Inferno 2 on Steam July 29th

Inferno 2 ScreenshotIt’s official!  Inferno 2 will be released on Steam (PC only) on July 29th (next Wednesday) for $4.99.  As with most Steam launches, there will be a small discount for a week or so.

In case you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer, take a look here.

Now that I have concrete data on the release, it’s time to start building the real buzz for the game.  Which means I’ve been busy sending out emails to press, many of whom have never heard of Radiangames, particularly if they’ve only covered PC games.  Hopefully they’ll still find the time to check out Inferno 2 and let others know about it.  Speaking of which, if you write about PC games and want to check out the game, please email me.

The Full Monty

If you’re just here for the first time and need more info about Inferno 2, here’s an expanded description:

Inferno 2 is an twin-stick adventure-shooter with a heavy action-RPG influence.  You pilot a small ship through 80+ levels trying to reach the exit in each one.  You gain experience, collect gold and keys, discover secret areas, and battle a variety of enemies as well.  Along the way you’ll customize your ships’ weapons, missiles, powers, and other enhancements.

There are 3 difficulty levels that can be changed as you please.  You can play through the game again with New Game+ mode, which ramps up the action and adds some other twists to the game.

The game runs beautifully at 60FPS in full HD, and features a custom atmospheric soundtrack.  You can use a gamepad, keyboard, or keyboard and mouse controls.

Inferno 2 was previously released on iOS in October of 2014 while the Android version (and New Game+ mode) arrived in December.  The PC version improves on those with graphical enhancements, tweaked difficulty, and full compliment of PC-specific features such as customizable controls and graphics.

Inferno 2 is Radiangames’ best-selling game by a wide margin, outdoing its previous best-seller (Inferno+) in less than a week on iOS.

More Radiangames on Steam?

As I mentioned above, Radiangames on PC is something of an unknown.  Steam works off of data, and the data for Radiangames (on PC) is a bit of an unknown.  PPG doesn’t really count, because it had a big brand.  Inferno 2 has outsold that on iOS (not sure by how much), so hopefully it does at least as well as PPG on PC.

Either way, future projects may have to go through Greenlight until Radiangames is a bit more proven on Steam.  It’s nothing to really worry about until after Inferno 2 has been out for a few weeks and Gigatron is closer to completion.