Inferno 2 Coming Soon to Steam

Radiangames, Inc. is finally a real thing, which means I’ve been finishing up Inferno 2 for release on Steam.  The only task left, which will hopefully be wrapped up today, is getting Steam’s achievement system tied in.  The store page is pretty well set, which means I’ve resized the logo to all the required shapes, taken a bunch of new screenshots, and edited the description text.

The video above shows off 4 levels from various points in the game.  As usual, watching in 720p at 60fps is preferred.

pc_ss1Steam isn’t quite the make-or-break platform that it used to be, but it’s still the biggest PC store by a wide margin.  There are many more games coming to Steam every day, but I don’t think the pace of releases has changed much since PPG came out last March.  I don’t have any real expectations for Inferno 2 on Steam, but if it sells half of what it did on iPhone, I’ll be quite happy.  This is easily the best version of the game, so even if you’ve played it on iOS/Android, you may still want to pick up this version too.

I don’t know the exact timing or pricing of Inferno 2, but it shouldn’t be too long before it’s out, and the price will be reasonable.  There will be a small discount at launch as usual.  When I have exact numbers, I’ll do another post.

More Steam Releases?

Legend of Gigatron development continues as well.  Progress has slowed this week, but I’ll be back to working on it more-than-full-time next week.  The game is a bit larger than I originally planned, so it probably won’t arrive on Steam ’til September.

Speaking of other Steam releases, I will ask about releasing Super Crossfighter there.  I’d use the original PC version as the basis, and add in the Survival Mode that was added to the mobile versions.  Steam originally rejected the game when it was still early in development back in 2011, but it was a big hit in the New Years Indie Royale Bundle in early 2012 (back when Indie Royale was still a thing).

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