Gigatron Alpha Footage

[If you click on the Setting button for the video, you can watch in 720p at 60FPS]

It’s taken longer than I wanted, but above is the first footage of Legend of Gigatron.  This is showing some of the earliest areas you’ll be traversing.  The enemies here are pretty non-threatening, so you won’t be in much danger of dying.  You only see a couple enemy types here, as well as two color schemes for the world, but you can get a general idea for how things look and work.

The game is progressing quite well at the moment, but a couple of the initially planned features/upgrades will be swapped out in favor of features that have a stronger impact and allow more level design variation.  Secrets are a big focus, since I want exploration to be strongly rewarded.  Any gameplay elements that feed into level variation and secrets are getting priority.  There are still plenty of upgrades for increasing the player’s power.

Since exploration and discovery are key parts of the game’s fun factor, I’ll only be showing extended footage from the first part of the game.  For the launch trailer, I’ll mix in more quick shots of other areas.


Radiangames, Inc. is now a thing, but there are couple last steps before I can sign up for Steam.  Those will hopefully happen this week.  Once I’m signed up with Steam, I’ll get Inferno 2 ready for release ASAP.

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