Fluid SE Now Available for iOS/Android/WP8

Fluid Special Edition is now available for $1.99 on iOS, Google Play, and WP8.  The Amazon version is now live too after a slight delay.

Fluid SE is a time-trial arcade racing game starring a speedy black fish named Streak, with a big influence being Pac-Man, though the gameplay is quite a bit different.  The game relies on both light puzzle-solving/path optimization and movement skill in order to succeed.  If you don’t enjoy trying to do your best, beating your own previous time or shooting for the next highest goal, you probably won’t enjoy Fluid SE as much as my other games.  You can still progress somewhat, but pretty quickly you’ll have to start focusing on speed and the goal times.

On the other hand, many people who like Fluid really like it.  That’s one nice thing about doing small games quickly.  Not everything has to be a crowd pleaser.  The games can focus on pleasing a small group of people and still be worth doing.

Update Incoming ASAP

Like with any game, Fluid SE will see improvements as a result of player suggestions and just seeing a lot more people playing the game.  Unfortunately the most popular version at launch (the iPhone/iPad version) will get the update last because of the required Apple review time.  Either way, here are the planned updates:

  • Restart button on upper left corner
  • Help screen with some basic gameplay tips
  • Decrease stars required to unlock some groups (by 10 stars at most)
  • Slightly faster rendering
  • Rate the game link fixed (iOS) and shows up a little faster
  • Fix level 33 so it’s more possible to finish without being lucky (already done for everything except iOS)
  • Time-based leaderboards (iOS/Amazon only) in addition to the star-based ones

If you have other suggestions for improvements, leave a comment or email me.  The updates will be wrapped up by tomorrow at the latest.

Special Edition?

If you’ve played the XBLIG version, there are quite a few differences in the Special Edition:

  • There are 5 new turbo levels (levels 16-20).
  • Many levels (10+) had significant changes to layouts to improve playability.
  • A few levels were switched in order.
  • Arranged the levels into groups of 5.
  • 2 new songs to replace the not-very-good ones.
  • Soundtrack now associates songs with level groups.
  • Various minor tweaks to player+enemy physics.
  • All the star times have been adjusted.
  • Visual effects are a bit different (no distortion is the major one).
  • Level unlocking/etc is completely different.
  • All new UI for the mobile version.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards added (iOS/Amazon only).
  • Some subtle movement guidance (adjustable) added.

Overall, I’m much happier with how this version plays and progresses.  Lots of subtle (and not-so-subtle) improvements add up to a much better version of the game, even though I do miss the distortion effects.

The virtual controls feel almost as nice as using a good gamepad (and better than a bad one).  Aside from the subtle movement assistance (helps stay straight along dot lines), having the visual movement feedback on the screen is the most important thing that makes the controls feel so nice and responsive.  My games tend to have nice analog movement, but giving that indicator improves your ability to judge your near-future path significantly (as well as how to adjust that path if you want to).

One more thing: You can check out the soundtrack (and compare the new/old songs) on Bandcamp.  For those waiting for SideSwype’s soundtrack, it’s there too.

The Future

Next week there will be a nice surprise while I’m out of town (I hope you think it’s nice).  Beyond that, I’ve started working on Inferno 2.  I’m doing some of the dull/hard stuff first because I’m so pumped up that I’m just happy to be working on anything related to it.  With the previous 3 games, I’ve been pretty low key in promoting the games, but that will change a bit with Inferno 2.  I’m trying to get it out by the end of July, but it may slip to August.

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