Fluid Coming Next Thursday – Probably

Fluid now has a launch trailer here.  The game is done, and it should be coming out next week (Thursday June 12th).  I say should because I didn’t submit the iOS version for review until this past Tuesday.  Based on SideSwype and JoyJoy’s review time (3-4 days), that wouldn’t be a problem, but iOS review time has been trending up.  The iOS version of games are most dependent on the launch day/week for sales, so missing the launch date would be pretty bad, plus it would make it much less likely to be featured.  If the game isn’t in review by next Wednesday (June 11th), I’ll have to delay it ’til the 26th.  I’m out of town the week in between.

Not So Smooth Finish

Finishing Fluid didn’t go as well as the first week of development.  The major issues were the framerate and level drawing issues (level seams showing, mostly).  The game needs to function at 60FPS because the game is all about getting the best time, and the physics aren’t completely framerate independent.  That’s less of an issue in games like Inferno+, JoyJoy, and Fireball.  So unlike those games (that can run fine at 40 FPS, for instance), Fluid alternates between 60 and 30 FPS when slowdown occurs.  When it runs at 30FPS, it’s actually doing game logic twice in one frame, and drawing once.  Powerpuff Girls and Bombcats also function in the same way, so if you didn’t notice in Bombcats, you probably won’t in Fluid.  There are plenty of graphics options to let you affect the framerate if you so choose.

Google Play Ups and Downs

I’ll start with the bad news: Fluid will not have Google Play Game Services for achievements or leaderboards.  I tried for many hours, and bought a new plug-in (which works), but for some reason, I cannot figure out the exact configuration of disparate settings that Google Play requires to recognize the game.  I also figured out I’d have to add a separate sign-in button for Google Play because it’s so slow/bad at signing in that it can’t just happen automatically, unlike GameCenter or GameCircle.  In case you can’t tell, I despise GPG stuff and won’t be trying it (by myself) again.  It makes me hate game development.  Sorry to those hoping for GPG achievements/leaderboards.

On the positive side, the Google Play Store is still my favorite mobile store because of one feature they have that no other store does: They haven’t featured JoyJoy at all, but the game continues to sell decently well because of the Top New Paid list.  It’ll drop off of that in another 8 days, but the month-long consistency at launch is appreciated.

Also: It’s slight hassle to set up, but doing a 50% off sale on Google Play (for everything except JoyJoy) had a very noticeable impact on yesterday’s sales.  It’s my first time having a sale on Google Play (and Amazon, which has a cool back-end for setting up a sale).  I won’t have too many sales on Google Play, but it’s nice to know when I do, it’ll have an impact.

The sales on Google Play are still going until the end of the day in case you wanted to grab Inferno+, Slydris, Crush, SideSwype, Fireball SE, Bombcats SE, or Ballistic/Orblastic SE for $0.99.  I meant to have Amazon still going too, but apparently I set it up for 1 day instead of 2, sorry.

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