Flailing to Finish


UPDATE: The game will be coming out September 10th after a quick approval.  I’ll leave the original text below.  But the game will be out on September 10th on iPhone/iPad.

I just finished fixing the last known bug in Devastator.  That means the game is done, finally.  But I still have to take screenshots (in 3 aspect ratios) and make a preview video (in 3 different resolutions) before I can upload it to Apple.  And I’ll keep testing until the end of the day before I upload it.  So it’s not really done.

That’s been the theme of the past couple weeks for Devastator.  Every time I think I’m getting close to wrapping things up, I find more stuff to do, more stuff to fix, more stuff to tweak, or a new version of Xcode to download.  It’s been almost a year since I released a new game on iOS, so I wasn’t surprised about finding unexpected tasks.  But it has been an exhausting past few weeks.

I had planned on Devastator launching September 10th, but given that apps are currently taking about 6 days to pass review by Apple, the game will be launching on the 17th unless it somehow gets through review by next Wednesday morning.  Next week I’ll be making the final launch trailer, uploading the Devastator soundtrack (my favorite soundtrack for any of my games) and Inferno 2’s soundtrack to Bandcamp, and sending out review codes as soon as I get them.  I’ll also dabble in getting the Android version going, but it won’t be out for a while.

Devastator has turned out better than I expected it would.  It’s kind of like a hardcore arcade mix of Inferno and Ballistic, but with a bit more tactical thinking involved.  The graphics and sound also seem to be a step above anything else I’ve done before.  What started as a need-to-release-something-quick game has turned into something that I want to emulate with future games.  Aside from finishing Gigatron, the other game I really want to work on is a sequel/spin-off of Super Crossfighter that looks and sounds as good as Devastator.

I’ll talk more about when those future games will be finished after Devastator launches (on the 17th 10th, in case you missed it above).

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