Fireball SE out on Android (Bombcats next week)

This week, I planned on releasing Bombcats for Android. But since porting to Android has generally been a smooth process, I decided to add Fireball SE to the release schedule too. That also gives me a little more time to make sure all the Bombcats tweaks didn’t break the game. And there have been a lot of tweaks. More on that next week. Inferno+ and Ballistic SE are also pushed back a week.

So Fireball SE (Special Edition) is this week’s Android release. Fireball is by far my least popular game in terms of sales numbers, but people who buy it, or critics who review it, generally love it. Here’s some fresh gameplay video that shows what Fireball is all about:

Though Waves is the primary mode for the game, I find Countdown and Survival to be the ones I keep going back to. Each challenge within those two modes provides a different focus and subtle variation in gameplay strategy. Sometimes I want to just go fast and go for huge combos, so Blizzard (in Countdown) is a nice easy challenge to try, while Overload can get insane with the explosion chains. Other times I like to mix it up, so I just jump around after each death.

I sometimes forget about Fireball because it’s not a financially successful game, but it’s still just as fun in its own way. If you have an Android device, I hope you’ll agree.

Slydris on Kindle Fire and Nook

Slydris is serving as my test mule for new markets/storefronts on Android, so now it’s available directly on Kindle Fire (through the Amazon store) or Nook (through the Barnes and Noble Store). Not every game I’ve made is a good fit for those two audiences, but Slydris definitely is. Bombcats probably is too, so you’ll see it on both stores around the same time it launches on Google Play.

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