Devastator Now Available on iOS

Devastator is now available on iPhone and iPad!  I was slightly worried I’d made the game too easy after Pocket Gamer posted this article about how hard I said the game was.  But so far, the feedback is pretty positive, with a couple people in the Touch Arcade forums taking just under 70 lives to finish Practice mode.  Practice mode is just over half of the game, and Hardcore difficulty is a bit harder (plus Elite is harder than that).

Icon_1024I’ve also posted the soundtrack on Bandcamp, as well as finally uploading Inferno 2’s soundtrack.

Beyond Devastator

Previously I said Radiangames would be doing mobile-only games after Inferno 2 on Steam.  That’s still kind of true, but I will be going back to work on the larger project that was previously on hiatus.  It’s not a Radiangames title, though I (and a couple others) will be working on it in my office.  There are some really good reasons for doing this larger project, but I’ll discuss those another time.

I’ll still be working on the world and dungeons for Gigatron in my free time, because it’s just plain fun to do.  And I want to take my time to do some music for it as well.  If Devastator takes off like Inferno 2 did, I’ll probably add a semi-random Infinite mode.

An Android version of Devastator will be made eventually as well.  It won’t take as long as the Inferno 2 port, so expect it in October or so.

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