Devastator – A Hardcore Twin-Stick Shooter

title1Announcing Devastator!  Radiangames’ next game is a hardcore twin-stick shooter coming soon to iPhone and iPad (and Android later this year).  The primary influence for this game is the original Robotron, though there is also a strong influence from Tron (the movie and game) as well.  Here’s the first trailer for the game:

Unlike Ballistic and JoyJoy, the waves are not just an empty arena, though some of them are fairly open.  Each wave is unique in its layout and enemy placement, and you can see all the enemies at the start of the wave, though a couple types will spawn more.  When you destroy all the destructible enemies, you advance immediately to the next wave.  You can also collect pods roaming around the arena for more points and to charge your special ability (four to choose from).

Devastator will have 50+ waves with multiple difficulty levels and online leaderboards.  Like my other recent iOS games, it will support MFi controllers as well as have customizable touchscreen controls.  It will sell for $1.99 when it comes out (expect it in 2-3 weeks).

first_ssThough the reason for making this game was stressful, actually working on it has been very enjoyable.  Working on small puzzle or arcade games just feels right, and always being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel makes it harder to get stuck on any one thing.  I really like working on a game towards the end when you’re constantly adjusting the levels, effects, and balance, and with small games you get to the end very quickly.

Being able to start with Gigatron’s code base definitely helped move things along, and it had the bonus of keeping the game from feeling or looking too much like JoyJoy or Ballistic.  If I’m going to make a game too similar to a previous game, I’ll go for a sequel instead.  At the beginning I was slightly concerned about Devastator being too similar to Ballistic, but that fear has been completely unrealized.

Post-Devastator Radiangames

My blog post about Inferno 2’s failed Steam launch attracted a lot of attention (way more than Inferno 2’s launch did, funnily enough).  Even more fitting was that TouchArcade posted about it as cautionary tale for mobile developers.  I definitely appreciate all the sympathy and support from everyone, though I really want the focus to be on the games.

After Devastator, I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen, though I’ll definitely keep working on mobile games one way or another.  It’s just a question of how fast the releases come.  I’m feeling an urge to do another small arcade/puzzle game before going back to Legend of Gigatron.  Whether that’s a smaller hardcore Super Crossfighter spinoff or something else is still up in the air.

For now, I’m going to put all my energy into making Devastator as awesome as it can be and figure out the next game when that’s done.

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