CRUSH is out, and a 99 cent sale!

CRUSH is now available for iPhone/iPad and Android for $0.99.  It seems last week my Slydris links were too subtle, so let’s go with this…

CRUSH on iTunes

CRUSH on Google Play

I had planned to write a about how the iOS version was a bit harder, but the update to unify the balance got through Apple’s review process in record time (for a non-emergency fix).  So all the versions have the same balance.

In case you haven’t watch the video: CRUSH is a “stop your inevitable death as long as possible” puzzle game.  There are three modes that shift the focus along the spectrum of Think-ing about each move and simply React-ing to where the problems are.  Crush mode is right in the middle of thinking and reacting, and the only mode in which you’re score in both Blocks and Time.

Just for those who are playing, the scoring for Blocks is simple:

1 block = 1 point.

2 blocks = 3 points (1+2).

3 blocks = 6 points (1+2+3).

And so on, so that…

20 blocks = 210 points (1+2+…+19+20).

(Note that connectivity wraps around the screen, which is why there are faded blocks outside the border.)

So bigger combos get you a lot more points.  I won’t get into good strategies right now, as that will spoil some of the fun.  If you’re still not sure about spending $0.99, CRUSH is the first game I’ve used Unity’s WebPlayer feature for.  You can play a version of the game on Kongregate:

CRUSH on Kongregate

It has 2 modes and 4 powers (compared to 3 and 6 for the mobile version), but it doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything.  Think of it like the mobile versions getting some bonus modes/powers (and saving).

(Update on the iPad/iPhone version: GameCenter achievements are broken, and the Crush mode GC leaderboards are swapped. A fix is already in review.)

99 Cent Sale

For a limited time, my other games will be on sale for $0.99 on iPhone/iPad.



Ballistic SE

Fireball SE

There are some minor updates to Fireball and Slydris.  Fireball gets Kamcord recording, and Slydris gets access to more level starts.

The Barrage Continues

After I send out some mode promocodes and info to press, I’ll be back to working on more editions of Slydris, Bombcats, and more. Given how fast CRUSH was to port to Android, it’s possible Fireball SE will also make the transition even though it wasn’t originally planned. It’s never a big seller, but assuming it’s a quick port, it will still be well worth the time. Plus it’d be nice to play Fireball SE on a nice big screen again.

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