CRUSH – Coming Soon!

While I was waiting for Bombcats to be approved and released, I started working on a puzzle game that I’d wanted to do for a while. And last night I finished it. All told I worked on it for about 5 weeks or so (though I did Bombcats stuff for some of that 5 weeks). That was actually quite a bit longer than I expected, because I kept finding ways to improve it.

So what is CRUSH? It’s an intense minimalistic arcade puzzle game. Something like Slydris with a touch of Super Hexagon. You play for a couple minutes before the stack reaches the top. Maybe more, maybe less. There’s a fairly strong randomness factor, but skill and strategy matter as well. It is a “simple” puzzle game, like Slydris, butI think there’s plenty of life still left in that arena.

When and How Much?

Assuming it gets through Apple’s review process on the first try (not an automatic assumption because of the unique 4-way UI system), it’ll be out next Thursday (June 13th), and it’ll be $0.99. All my other iOS games will be on sale for $0.99 when it releases as well.

It’s possible there will be a free web-player-based version, though I won’t be hosting it here. Feel free to email (or comment) with suggestions on where a Unity-based web game would gain the most audience with the least headache.

Radiangames Future

Starting today, I’ll be working on Bombcats for Android. I don’t expect it to take too long, but it’s my first Android game so estimates are pointless. I’m sure it’ll be coming to the Google Play Store, and almost definitely to Amazon devices too. Whether it’s free or paid will depend on the reception and money-making ability of the hopefully-soon-to-be-released iOS update. At this point, it has to be strictly a business decision, or there will literally be no business in a month.

The other games will come to Android as well, though how many and when will depend on the difficulty of the Android ports. Slydris and Inferno+ are pretty guaranteed to show up eventually, even if I’m no longer doing Radiangames as a full-time thing.

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