Crossing the Threshhold

Super Crossfighter is now out on iOS, Google Play, Amazon, and WP8.  The iOS version was a little late due to a longer-than-expected review time.  Sorry for the delay.  Looks like I need to be better about submitting my games earlier than I have been.

In case you missed what changed between the old Super Crossfire and Super Crossfighter (aside from the name), or you haven’t seen the relaunch trailer, check out the previous post about it.

Relaunch Sale

To celebrate Super Crossfighter being back, I’ve put everything on sale for 50% off.  It’s getting to be a bit burdensome to do a sale of this scale, because at this point there are almost 40 different listings I have to edit (10 games on WP8, Amazon, and Google, plus 9 on iOS).  Amazon has the best interface for doing so by far, but you have to plan ahead to take advantage of it (hence why Super Crossfighter won’t actually show the sale price ’til Saturday).  The sale will last thru Sunday night, and this is probably my last sale for a while.

On iOS, Super Crossfighter will be free for a couple days so people who bought Super Crossfire thru Chillingo can grab a copy.  It’s been long enough, and the game is unique enough, that the gameplay feels almost new again.  The balance is also better, Survival mode more accessible, and the next upgrade/unlock is always just around the corner.  Between the main campaign (160 waves), dark mode (the same but harder), and Survival mode, there’s a ton of gameplay packed into one release.

I’ve really enjoyed playing through it again while getting it ready to relaunch, and I’ll definitely come back to it to make a bad-ass sequel.  Not sure when that will be, but I’ll get to it eventually.

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