Cats of Bombcats: Bolt and Tygra

Up next in the Cats of Bombcats series are Bolt and Tygra. Check back next week for the remaining 3 cats: Boing, Midnight, and Crush.


Species: Cheetah

Unique Traits: Goes Fast and Far

Being a Cheetah, Bolt is naturally the fastest of the Bombcats, and he also travels the furthest. In fact, he’s not as strongly as affected by gravity as the other cats, and he also barely slows down from rolling.

Level 28 (his second Kitten Rescue level) is a good example of how high Bolt can fly. All the other cats would need 2 jumps to reach the ledge that Bolt reaches in a single jump.


Species: Tiger

Unique Traits: Touchy, in an Explosive way

Tygra doesn’t fly faster or further than cats like Fuzzball, but she does severe damage when she touches things. The harder she hits something, the more powerful the resulting explosion will be. Like Bolt, her tele-splode explosion is quite a bit more powerful than Fuzzball’s.

This is one of Tygra’s challenge levels, which uses the same landscape as Level 4, but with a new arrangement of stars, and some new rocks. Obviously she doesn’t get all 3 Suns in this attempt, but there are multiple ways to do so.