Cats of Bombcats: Fuzzball and Clawdia

Bombcats is coming tomorrow (or late tonight, if you’re impatient).  That means it’s time to get a little more in-depth with the 7 stars of Bombcats: the cats themselves.  I’ll be introducing them in the order you’ll meet them, so I won’t be spoiling much.


Species: Domestic

Unique Traits: Really Soft Fur

Fuzzball is the first cat you’ll encounter in Bombcats.  He’s the perfect introduction to the mechanics of the game because he doesn’t do anything tricky.  Let’s see him in action:

This footage was uploaded directly from the game. You can upload level replays to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or via email. You’ll unlock this feature after you get a little further in the game (after level 28).

Anyway, this is level 4 from the game, and it covers all the basic mechanics of Kitten Rescue levels. You have 3 suns to collect, a kitten to rescue, and some gems as well. You have to get all 3 suns and rescue the kitten to complete a Kitten Rescue level. The gems are optional. Though they’ll usually lead you through levels, it’s not always this easy to get them all.

You may notice Fuzzball and the kitten exploding. Don’t worry, they’re fine. It’s just a side-effect of them teleporting.

So Fuzzball rolls like a ball, but what if he was too sticky to roll…


Species: Lynx (Red)

Unique Traits: Seriously Strong Grip

Clawdia is the second cat, and you’ll run into her early on. What does “Seriously Strong Grip” mean? Sometimes showing is better than telling:

NOTE: Clawida and Fuzzball are both wearing a monocle in these videos, which is why one eye appears a bit different. It’s much clearer in-game.

Clawdia sticks to whatever walls, ground, or ceiling she hits. This makes her a fairly low-pressure cat to use, but her jump direction is important to get right. Her levels focus more on direction than timing as a result.


And that’s it for the cats for today. Tomorrow will be Bolt and Tygra, Boing and Midnight are on Friday, and Crush will be next Monday.

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