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Legend of Gigatron


Gigatron Alpha Footage

[If you click on the Setting button for the video, you can watch in 720p at 60FPS] It’s taken longer than I wanted, but above is the first footage of Legend of Gigatron.  This is showing some of the earliest areas you’ll be traversing.  The enemies here are pretty non-threatening, …

Gigatron Start

Gotta Start Somewhere

There it is.  The image above is the current starting screen for Legend of Gigatron.  Gigatron is the small green dragon-turtle in the middle of the screen.  No enemies are shown, nor are items or UI (or effects/etc). It’s scary to reveal the art style for a game when the …


A Whole New World

After promising to be more open about Legend of Gigatron’s development, I’ve been silent for weeks.  There has been a lot of progress on the game, but it’s still far from completion.  The world is being built differently than Fluid or Inferno, which both utilize the same basic level elements, …