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Upkeep Costs

It’s been a busy week at Radiangames.  Here’s a quick recap of the latest happenings… Android 4.4.2 Issues I’ve been getting an increasing number of reports from players that new devices with Android 4.4.2 won’t run my games.  In most cases they crash instantly, though in some cases they run …


OUYA Sales Numbers: First 2 Weeks

First, the unique downloads:Inferno+ takes the early lead, and maintains it until it drops off of the Escape Artists feature list.  Early on, both games had essentially the same amount of visibility, and Inferno+ was clearly the leader. Around 7/25, OUYA put Ballistic SE on their Featured Games list (2nd …

Inferno+ Ouya

OUYA: Double Damage!

Inferno+ is now available on Ouya. And so is Ballistic SE! As with all Ouya games, they are free to try, so there’s no reason not to give them a go.  They work with all types of controllers (Ouya, 360, PS3), and they are $2.99 each if you want to …


Inferno+ out on Android

Inferno+ is now available on Google Play for $1.99.  If you need a visual reminder, here’s the Android Trailer, or you can watch the longer iOS Trailer. You may have noticed the price is different than the iOS version, which has mostly been $2.99 for the past year.  Based on …

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