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Minor Tweaks, Major Difference

I’ve never been happy about iTunes user ratings resetting on release for a new version.  Until today.  Devastator has 3.5 stars, the lowest of any of my games, due to the extreme difficulty of version 1.0.  I’m hopeful the new version will be at least 4 stars. You might actually …


A Trio of Launch Issues

Devastator had a fairly decent launch week.  It got pretty featured pretty nicely on Apple’s New Games list, and the sales have been good as a result.  But there were 3 major issues with the game that made it a bit of a mixed bag. The first is that there …


Devastator Now Available on iOS

Devastator is now available on iPhone and iPad!  I was slightly worried I’d made the game too easy after Pocket Gamer posted this article about how hard I said the game was.  But so far, the feedback is pretty positive, with a couple people in the Touch Arcade forums taking …


Flailing to Finish

UPDATE: The game will be coming out September 10th after a quick approval.  I’ll leave the original text below.  But the game will be out on September 10th on iPhone/iPad. I just finished fixing the last known bug in Devastator.  That means the game is done, finally.  But I still …


Devastator – A Hardcore Twin-Stick Shooter

Announcing Devastator!  Radiangames’ next game is a hardcore twin-stick shooter coming soon to iPhone and iPad (and Android later this year).  The primary influence for this game is the original Robotron, though there is also a strong influence from Tron (the movie and game) as well.  Here’s the first trailer …