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Cats of Bombcats


Cats of Bombcats: Bolt and Tygra

Up next in the Cats of Bombcats series are Bolt and Tygra. Check back next week for the remaining 3 cats: Boing, Midnight, and Crush. BOLT Species: Cheetah Unique Traits: Goes Fast and Far Being a Cheetah, Bolt is naturally the fastest of the Bombcats, and he also travels the …


Cats of Bombcats: Fuzzball and Clawdia

Bombcats is coming tomorrow (or late tonight, if you’re impatient).  That means it’s time to get a little more in-depth with the 7 stars of Bombcats: the cats themselves.  I’ll be introducing them in the order you’ll meet them, so I won’t be spoiling much. FUZZBALL Species: Domestic Unique Traits: …