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OUYA Sales Numbers: First 2 Weeks

First, the unique downloads:Inferno+ takes the early lead, and maintains it until it drops off of the Escape Artists feature list.  Early on, both games had essentially the same amount of visibility, and Inferno+ was clearly the leader. Around 7/25, OUYA put Ballistic SE on their Featured Games list (2nd …

Inferno+ Ouya

OUYA: Double Damage!

Inferno+ is now available on Ouya. And so is Ballistic SE! As with all Ouya games, they are free to try, so there’s no reason not to give them a go.  They work with all types of controllers (Ouya, 360, PS3), and they are $2.99 each if you want to …


Ballistic SE on Android

This week’s release is Ballistic SE.  Get it now on Google Play. If you want to know what Ballistic SE is, it’s a twin-stick shooter. I had thought about not releasing Ballistic on Android, not because it’s not a fun game, but because I lost about half of the code …