Bombcats SE on iPhone & iPad

Bombcats: Special Edition is now available on iPhone and iPad for $0.99.  This is the same version of the game that Android users have had since late June, which is also the best version of the game.  As a refresher, here’s what has changed versus the free version:

* You now can choose to do Marathon or Time Trials to advance through the game (instead of Time Trials always required and Marathons optional).
* Some power/boost unlocks happen a bit sooner.
* No IAP at all (and no moves limit).
* Everything–upgrades, costumes, boosts, and powers–costs fewer gems (usually 5-10 times less).
* You can spend 500 gems to skip a level (instead of IAP).
* You get 5 attempts per challenge (instead of 3).
* Gems in levels are worth 10/25 (instead of 5/20).

Plus some other subtle balance changes (and some other technical fixes that are also in 1.11 of the original version).  The sum of these changes is that the game is a lot more fun because the balance is skewed towards giving you stuff to play with instead of asking for money.

For anyone who has extensively played the original Bombcats, there’s nothing new to see here, unless you wanted to be able to afford lots of costumes, powers, and boosts, etc while playing.

I don’t have high expectations for Bombcats SE.  On Google Play it’s my best-rated but worst-selling game.  I’ve given up trying to figure out what I should have done differently on (or instead of) Bombcats.  I’m just glad that iOS users will get the best version of the game too.

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