Bombcats! Coming Next Thursday!

I’ve been waiting for this day for a VERY long time, and now I’m finally able to say it: Bombcats is Radiangames’ next game (aka The Big Project), and it’s coming next Thursday, May 16th, to iPad and iPhone. It will be published by Chillingo.

So what is Bombcats?  It’s an action-physics-puzzle game.  It’s not directly comparable to any one game, but the two most influential are Sonic the Hedgehog (style, character, movement) and iBlast Moki (basic level layout).  There will be comparisons to Angry Birds as well because it’s a physics-puzzle game and there are multiple cats with different abilities, but the actual gameplay has a different feel.  This is a lot easier to see in video form:

It’s fun, and massive, and you should try it out for yourself.  In fact, if you have an iOS device (that’s not too old), you have no excuse not to.  Because it’s free.

The Dark Side?

Bombcats is a Free-To-Play game (aka F2P).  If you’ve played a game on Facebook or any of the top grossing games on the App Store, you’ll have an idea of what F2P might mean.  Farmville, Dragonvale, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, and Candy Crush are all examples of popular F2P games.

Bombcats isn’t revolutionary in how it does its F2P mechanics, but it is very fair, and you can play through the whole game (190 levels, 5 modes) without paying for anything, nor are there timers that will stop you from playing. There are also no ads or other grossness sometimes associated with F2P games.  I could go on about how Bombcats is structured, but regardless of whether you have skill, time, or money, the game is fun.  For well-articulated thoughts on how F2P can be done ethically, please read this article by the creator of Shellrazer.

Old School Mode

Bombcats goes even a step further in its fair structure: At any time you can pay $4 to have the game be balanced more like a “premium” game.  The details are too much to get into without a full post, but essentially the game locks out all non-permanent IAP and the in-game balance is shifted in a few places.  This mode is really for two types of gamers: 1) Hardcore players and 2) Children (or parents of children, really). I’ve seen many gamers asking for this kind of unlock in F2P games, and I hope more games will be offering them in the future.

Blast Away!

To recap: Bombcats! Free! Thursday the 16th! (on iOS, coming soon to Android)

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