Bombcats 1.1 and more Android news

Bombcats 1.1 is now available on iOS.  This is the first major update for the game, and the one that attempts to make the game financially viable for Radiangames, as well as improving a bunch of minor problems.  Let’s take a look at the changelist:

  • Reduced installed size by around 180MB
  • Added 4 new Gem Rush levels
  • Added 4 new costumes
  • Camera zooms out a bit on a few levels where it was hard to see the initial gem path
  • UI at end of the level is more consistent in button placement
  • Improved visibility of unfinished levels on the map
  • Fixed buttons canceling a jump touch (you can still cancel with a two-finger press)
  • Added help information after failing levels a few times
  • Made it possible to upgrade cats on nightlock popups
  • Improved upgrades/powers icon to be more visible, less confusing with the store
  • Created new limited-time offers for special deals
  • Add new IAP for unlocking items early, getting all costumes, and a variety pack (and for Moves, see next item)
  • Changed what Old School Mode does a bit (half price for cat upgrades instead of costumes)
  • Rebalanced most large item gem costs (and IAP amounts)
  • Added Moves counter to map (limits amount of different levels that can be played within a certain timeframe–can play same level without limits)

Most of those changes are great improvements, but it’s the last two that make the game balanced the way it should have been from the start, so that being a free game makes business sense.  The game is still just as fun to play, but now you won’t be able to play through everything in the game in one play session (without spending money or being very patient).

Let me know what you think of the update/changes by email or in the comments.

CRUSH confirmed!

Just a quick note: CRUSH is coming to iPhone/iPad (iTunes) and Android (Google Play) this week (Thursday) for $0.99.

It will also be on Kongregate, though the web version doesn’t have everything the mobile version does.  Why a web version?  Because it’s a hard, quick-hitting puzzle game, and web versions of hard arcade-y games sometimes become popular.  And unlike Slydris, CRUSH can be played in any orientation, so it fits a 800×480 view just fine.

Bombcats Android

Just started working on this yesterday.  If development doesn’t go horribly, it’ll be out next week on Google Play and probably the Amazon Appstore (and maybe even the Nook store).

Oh, and Slydris will be coming to the Nook store and Amazon Appstore too, and maybe more (I’ll let you know when I know for sure).  I have no idea if any websites cover those non-Google Play stores, but I’ll be looking into it soon.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a busy month.

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