Ballistic SE on Android

This week’s release is Ballistic SE.  Get it now on Google Play.

If you want to know what Ballistic SE is, it’s a twin-stick shooter.

I had thought about not releasing Ballistic on Android, not because it’s not a fun game, but because I lost about half of the code for Chain Blast mode due to a file-copying error back in March.  It’s painful to even talk about, because I hate losing work.  I tried to recreate Chain Blast mode for Android by extracting some of the code from a previous build, but I could only get about 1/4 of the lost changes that way.

Someday I hope to recreate the code, or at least come close, so I can update the iOS version again and add CBM to Android (and OUYA).  But for now, it’s a special iOS-only bonus mode.  While working on the Android (and OUYA) version, I really didn’t miss Chain Blast at all because both Waves and Challenges mode provide so much entertainment.

OUYA Progress

Ballistic SE is nearly done on OUYA, with only the purchasing logic left to complete.  I’ve also started Inferno+.  It’s possible I’ll be doing other games, but I can’t make any commitments yet.  I really want to do more, because it’s great to play my games with a controller on a TV again.

As for a release date on OUYA, Ballistic SE and Inferno+ will be out as soon as I can get them done.

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