Back With A Vengeance

I had been hoping to release Inferno 2 in July, but it became pretty obvious recently that wasn’t going to happen.  It’s just a huge game, with tons of improvements and a completely new upgrade system.

But Inferno 2’s loss is Super Crossfighter’s gain, as I was very fortunate to recapture the publishing rights to the game on all platforms recently.  I’ve been wanting to update the name, and update the game in general.  So I’ve taken a quick break from Inferno 2 to update Super Crossfighter in various ways:

  • Rebalanced victory points to be more generous.
  • Reduced VP cost of Survival unlocks significantly (as well as a few other minor unlocks).
  • Reduced the max temporary upgrade points you can buy in the upgrade menu.
  • Added PC-style Background UI with score/waves/etc (adds some nice depth to the visuals).
  • Improved enemy shot visibility.
  • Native Game Center/Game Circle (Amazon-only) support for achievements/leaderboards.
  • Controller support for iOS7, MOGA, and Bluetooth controllers (gameplay only).
  • Improved iCade support.
  • Various other fixes (including a name change).

Super Crossfighter will be coming (back) out next Thursday, July 31st, on iOS, Google Play, Amazon, and WP8.  Because this new release is incompatible with the old ones, I’ll be making it Free on iOS and 50% off on other platforms at launch.  These discounts will only last a couple days, then it’ll go up to its normal price of $1.99.

The usual caveats apply regarding the iOS versions’ timely release depending on Apple review times.  In SC’s case though, if the iOS version is a little late, it’ll just be a little late and be out as soon as it passes review (no week-long delays).

Here’s an updated trailer showing off Survival mode a bit:

I’ll be returning to Inferno 2 work shortly, though I still need to wrap up the final SC details on Google/Amazon/WP8 and make some other minor fixes to a few other games.  Inferno 2 will be out either August 21st or 28th.

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