Back to the Inferno

It’s been too long since I’ve updated my blog.  Sorry for the lack of communication.  I’ve been working on a large project I still can’t talk about, but for the next few months I’m taking a break to get back to Radiangames titles.  So now there are plenty of things I can talk about.

OUYA Releases

The most immediate thing to talk about is the release of Inferno 2, Fluid SE, and JoyJoy on OUYA.  Inferno 2 or JoyJoy will be out this week, with other games in subsequent weeks.  There will be a bundle after all 3 games are out (not sure if it’ll be bundle of just those 3, or of all 5 OUYA games).  I’m really excited for the games to come to OUYA.

Inferno 2 Coming to Steam

Today I’ll be starting on the PC version of Inferno 2.  There will be some subtle enhancements, including improving the visuals a bit, expanding a few later levels, increasing the difficulty level, and probably changing how missile mode works a little bit (you’ll move slowly with it enabled).  All the PC-standard stuff (resolution and KB/mouse controls) will be added as well.  It’ll be distributed via Steam.  It looks like it won’t have to go through Greenlight, but I’m not 100% sure about that yet.

Goodbye Powerpuff Girls

Many of probably already know that PPG: Defenders of Townsville was removed from Steam, iOS, and Google.  Not because there was a problem with the game, but because Cartoon Network is coming out with a new TV series, and they decided to reduce the visibility of PPG everywhere to reduce confusion (and increase hype?).  I have no idea what art style the new series will be in.  PPG: DoT had two different art styles, but it could be a third all-new style.

I’m obviously not happy with this decision, but there’s nothing I can really do about it.  I’ll probably make another Metroidvania-Shooter at some point in the future (with spaceships instead of superhero girls), but I don’t know when that would be.

The Next Game

After the PC version of Inferno 2, I’ll be working on something new instead of a port.  That new thing might be a sequel to Super Crossfighter, or a mix of Berzerk and Spelunky (in Ballistic’s art style), or maybe a small puzzle game.  Or maybe a series of small arcade-action games with the same art/sound style (like the original Tron arcade game).  I have a little while to figure it out, but if you have an opinion, feel free to share it via email/comments/Twitter.

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