Android: Slydris is OUT! 4 More Coming Soon!

Slydris is available on the Google Play Store. Get it now. Above you’ll see footage of me playing the game on an LG G2x and a Nook HD+. FYI: The Google Play Store is fast, and publishing Android games is almost too easy. Once you get to that point at least.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing CRUSH (simultaneous with the iOS release), Bombcats, Inferno+, and Ballistic. Slydris and Bombcats will definitely be coming to the Amazon Appstore as well (not necessarily right away), and Inferno+ and Ballistic SE will be coming to OUYA, because they are twin-stick shooters, so of course they’ll be awesome on the OUYA.

I don’t technically have an OUYA or Amazon Kindle Fire yet, but they’re both on their way here and I’m super excited about getting my games into a lot more people’s hands.

Now that I’ve gotten over the shock of the unfamiliar (and the weird technical quirks every platform has), I’m really liking Android development. Not sure if that feeling will hold over the next few weeks, but aside from launching too close to E3, I’m feeling like I’m getting into the Android world at just the right time. If you’ve been waiting and asking for Android versions, I hope you’ll be very happy over the next month or so.

And if you’re not, let me know why, and I’ll do my best to fix the problem ASAP. Which on the Google Play Store means you’ll get an update on possibly the same day.

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