A Trio of Launch Issues

Devastator had a fairly decent launch week.  It got pretty featured pretty nicely on Apple’s New Games list, and the sales have been good as a result.  But there were 3 major issues with the game that made it a bit of a mixed bag.

dv4The first is that there have been a large number of complaints about the controls.  Aside from not having a floating stick option, the major complaint has been that they are not responsive.  I’m not entirely sure what is causing this issue, but to address it I’ve added more control options and increased the default control sensitivity (while increasing the range of options there).  I’ve compared against my other games and haven’t found anything to be wrong (and many people think they are fine), so if you have any ideas please let me know below.  I’m thinking the increased difficulty is the major issue here (see below), not really the controls.

The second issue is that the Game Center achievements are not being triggered for many people.  It appears to be a Unity issue on iOS 7 (and maybe early versions of iOS 8), and it’s something that’s been going for 6 months and hasn’t been fixed.  I switched to using Unity’s built-in Game Center support while working on Devastator (instead of using a plug-in), but for the update I’ll be using an extra plug-in to get the achievements to work.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having a built-in system if it doesn’t work, and I’m frustrated with Unity that this has been happening since March and hasn’t been fixed.

The last issue is the one that I’m most upset at myself about, and it’s Hardcore mode restarting on the wrong wave.  It uses the Elite difficulty logic by accident, and that makes the game WAY harder than I intended.  Basically with Hardcore, you should be able to restart on the last wave you played.  But instead it’s starting you at the last checkpoint wave.  It was working fine for all of development, but on the last day I “hacked” it to make Elite work like Hardcore so I could take better screenshots and video (Elite has more, faster action).  But when I undid the hack, I broke Hardcore and didn’t notice until someone asked me about it on Twitter.

I should have noticed the issue MUCH sooner, and it’s fixed now.  I’ll be doing extra testing before submitting the 1.01 update this weekend.  I’ll post again as soon as it’s live with the full list of fixes.

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